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Streamline your business growth and conquer the fear of keeping up with changing markets and policies with the 80/20 Blueprint.

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The Start Of It All

Meet Nick and Caitlin Meadows

We went from feeling absolutely lost and directionless after our military careers, to discovering our true passion!

Like so many others, we felt blinded by overwhelming commitments and the dreaded TO DO LIST - with no control over progressing beyond them. We realized that it would seem nearly impossible to reach our longterm goals if we remained stagnant.

However, we tapped into our Military training and pushed ahead to significant make progress.

After having achieved this for ourselves, we want nothing more than to share our success process with all of you!

Let's tackle life together!

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What is the 80/20 Blueprint? First you have to understand...

What is the 80/20 Principle?

It’s simple: 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions.

The 80/20 Blueprint’s prioritization framework will help you succeed at your goals by allowing you to maximize effort toward the 20% that is actually driving the highest level of results.

The 80/20 Blueprint is the first prioritization system planner centered around the 80/20 Principle. 

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Lead with Value, top call to action.

How it Works...

80/20 Blueprint Planner helps you:

  • Get clear: Cut through brain fog and focus on meaningful work that actually moves the needle forward.
  • Eliminate: Long hours do not equal more work done. Use the 80/20 Blueprint’s prioritization framework to take back the time you waste on meaningless tasks.
  • Focus: On first things first, and "Busy work" not at all
  • A New Way To Plan: People often mistake needing a planner to document their schedule, but an effective planner sharpens your focus to actually get thigs done.
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Your Compelling Strategy (Branded Term)


"This headline gets attention"

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"This headline gets attention"

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About 80/20 Blueprint

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Shantel S. Los Angeles, CA

“Easy to travel with. Love the "Work smarter, not harder" method. Excited to continue to use it... If you haven't checked this out... I think you're going to love it as much as I do.”


Josh W. Seattle, WA

“I’ve been looking for a straightforward get things done planner for a long time and I finally found it with the 80/20 planner. In just a few weeks of applying the 80/20 framework to my weekly tasks, I feel more organized and efficient than ever. I definitely recommend it to anyone that struggles with procrastination!”


Dan K. Minneapolis, MN

“I would highly recommend the 80/20 Blueprint to anyone who is having a hard time prioritizing and keeping track of the most impactful tasks and initiatives in front of them, whatever they may be. Personally, it has helped my family with a major move to a new city where our house has needed a lot of repairs and improvements in addition to everything that comes along with moving. I can see how the 80/20 Blueprint would be incredibly useful for business as well!”

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the 80/20 Blueprint Manifesto

We believe...

  •  We Believe thats To Do List are out of control. You are feeding an never ending cycle of being BUSY but accomplishing NOTHING.
  • ​ We Believe that NO ONE is coming to save you. Not your parents. Not the Government. You have to be prepared to SELF RESCUE.
  • We Believe that the American dream is possible. They just aren't handing it out. YOU have to BUILD your OWN American Dream.

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kick your social media addiction  to the curb

  • ​Number one: You'll have this new Identity
  • Number twoWe stand for X
  • Number threeYou'll be part of the X Group

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THE academy 

How to set up your planner to achieve massive results at work.

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